Al Wathba Insurance Company (AWNIC) announces that its digital transformation strategy has resulted in a 10% increase in customers in its first year.

Since 2018, AWNIC has focused on streamlining and digitizing all processes across the company, to future-proof the business and improve service for clients, who today demand increasingly faster, smarter services.
The success of this strategy can be seen in the increase in clients, and in the take-up of the new digital services, particularly in motor insurance. As a result of AWNIC’s innovations, and in the past 5 months, 18% of all motor insurance claims were made online – figures which are increasing monthly.

Award-winning innovations which have led to this success include the introduction of blockchain technology into the claim procedures, allowing for speedier and more transparent processing. Clients can not only report their claims immediately, but in the case of motor insurance, arrange recovery/roadside assistance to their exact location, and track the status of their claim.

AWNIC also recently launched its e-Commerce website portal, upgraded its mobile app and introduced Whatsapp, where an intuitive and user-friendly chatbot provides an additional instant customer-service option for policyholders. So, whether you’re getting a quote, renewing a policy, making a claim, or even disposing of a damaged vehicle, it can all be done in moments from your smartphone or tablet.

“Every department at AWNIC has embraced our digital transformation strategy and we are thrilled that it has received a positive response from our clients” says AWNIC’s Chief Executive Officer Bassam Chilmeran.

“The increase in the number of clients over the past year proves that people want quick and easy solutions in their everyday lives and we’re proud to be leading the way in digital and smart services. We are providing a level of digital accessibility that doesn’t currently exist in the industry.”

“By capitalizing on technology, we have opened new channels of service to simplify and speed up our clients’ interactions with us. No more waiting in queues or experiencing frustrating delays in confirmation.”

AWNIC’s other recent innovations include the introduction of: CRM Software, Human Resources
Management Software (HRMS), the Enterprise Content Management System (ECMS), Self-Service Kiosk through Robotic Process Automation, Business WhatsApp for improved customer relation, a Motor Claims Recovery Platform, and Claims Management System, for end-to-end motor claims processing.

To learn more about AWNIC’s innovations and online services, please visit the website here. To download the AWNIC App on android click here and for apple click here.