The term ‘Salvage’ can bring a lot of images to the mind of most individuals. It can indicate an item that has been completely destroyed or the wreckage from an accident. However, the reality is far different from these preconceived notions. There are at times incredible deals and offers that you get while purchasing a Salvage Car online.

Al Wathba National Insurance Company is a well-recognized and highly professional insurance company offering not only the best insurance policies, but also has a highly recommended Online Salvage Auction platform where you can bid and buy branded cars at competitive price points.

We have outlined some of the top benefits of buying cars from our online auction platform:

Secure Auction Services

Connecting customers to the right vehicle is one of the primary requisites of an online auction platform. Our new e-commerce platform enables customers to bid and purchase the right vehicles at the right price ranges. The platform also eliminates middlemen and scrupulous dealers. Our new Online Salvage Auction System also makes the bidding tasks easy and enables secure transactions through advanced payment gateways.

100% Online Channels

To start bidding on a Salvage Car, you do not have to visit an agency or even our offices. Seamless bidding can be completely enabled online through the AWNIC website that helps save time visiting workshops and garages. Customers simply need to create a free account and then log in. They have to accept the terms and conditions on the website and get notified about their registration through email.

Ease of Access

Apart from seeing a list of the best hand-picked vehicles, specific filters related to ‘Categories’ and ‘Auction Status’ enables you to find the right vehicle quicker than ever before. Just visit our Salvage Website and go to the ‘Find a Vehicle’ section to find out more.

Inspection of Vehicles

Al Wathba National Insurance Company will also enable customers to review the condition and other specifications of the vehicles. Also, we provide you with videos of the vehicles in order to get a full outlook on the vehicles of choice.

Whether a customer chooses to bid instantly on a vehicle or participate in live auctions in the platform we have made all the necessary arrangements to make your buying experience unique and resourceful.


AWNIC’s Salvage Online Auction presents vehicles with value for money and smooth viewing and processing systems to ensure an experience like no other.