Al Wathba National Insurance Company (AWNIC) launches
its E-Commerce website with a Salvage Auction Portal

The E-Commerce Website allows users to get quotations, purchase/renew policies and report claims within minutes.
AWNIC won the Insurance Authority’s Digital Transformation and Smart Services Award for the second year in a row.
AWNIC’s mobile application AWNIC App is the first of its kind app in the UAE market with E-Insurance Services.

Abu Dhabi, 4 February 2020 – Al Wathba National Insurance Company (AWNIC), one of the UAE’s top insurance companies for digital and smart services, today launched its E-Commerce website with faster services and its very own Online Salvage Car Auction System. AWNIC was recently recognized by the UAE Insurance Authority as the leading company in the adaptation of technology and won the regulator’s “Digital Transformation & Smart Services” Award.
“Receiving such a distinction from an industry regulator for the second year in a row is an invaluable recognition of the company’s unique initiatives especially in such a competitive market, said Bassam Chilmeran, AWNIC’s Chief Executive Officer. “Today AWNIC is launching its first interactive website and mobile app to avail its products online and process motor claims digitally for customers. We are very proud to be leading the way in smart services and are committed to pursuing our digital transformation journey.”
“We wanted to provide a platform for the general public that does not currently exist in the industry, Mr. Chilmeran added. “By capitalizing on technology over the past few years, we have managed to open new channels of services to enhance our users’ experience and facilitate transactions.”

Salvage Car Auction Portal
The E-Commerce website also offers the first fully-fledged Salvage Car Auction Portal. While physical Salvage Car Auctions are a common way of the disposing of heavily damaged vehicles, AWNIC is one of the few UAE Insurers to offer such services online.
Bidders and potential buyers can register online to view Salvage Cars, review condition reports – or arrange onsite surveys – and then start bidding.

AWNIC Mobile App

AWNIC is launching a number of game-changing digital initiatives, the most popular of which is its mobile application. The AWNIC App allows any person with a smartphone to get a quotation, purchase/renew a policy for vehicle, home, travel or yacht, report a claim and access a variety of services within minutes. The website also offers similarly accelerated services online.
“I recommend anybody to download the app, even if they are not AWNIC customers,” said Anas Mistareehi, the Chief Operating Officer. “The platform is very unique in the market and has been developed to provide immediate assistance in a variety of situations. When renewing an annual car registration for instance, people often remember at the last minute that they have not renewed their motor insurance. Instead of having to request a quote and come back another day, or wait for an agent to answer, all they need to do is open the AWNIC App on their smartphone, purchase the right policy, get an official confirmation almost instantaneously with minimum human interference, and go ahead. On top of that, they can even get their car registration for free and get offers from UAE’s top brands from the AWNIC Privilege Program.

Multiple Digital Innovations
Over the past years AWNIC has introduced a number of innovations and tech solutions, which contributed to the insurer’s multiple awards. In addition to its mobile app and E-Commerce Website, AWNIC has recently taken the insurance industry by storm by implementing Blockchain Technology in its claims process, enabling customers not only to report motor claims instantaneously, but also to arrange recovery/roadside assistance to their exact location, and track their claims’ status.
AWNIC’s other recent innovations include the introduction of: CRM Software, Human Resources Management Software (HRMS), the Enterprise Content Management System (ECMS), Self-Service Kiosk through Robotic Process Automation, Business WhatsApp for improved customer relation, a Motor Claims Recovery Platform, and Claims Management System, for end-to-end motor claims processing.

For more information on AWNIC’s online services, please visit the website here. To download the AWNIC App on android click here and for apple click here.

Established in 1996, Al Wathba National Insurance Company (AWNIC) is the United Arab Emirates’ leading insurance company in terms of digital and smart services. With Its Head Office in Abu Dhabi and a widespread network of branches across the UAE, AWNIC provides insurance services to a large spectrum of clients from individuals to corporate lines.
AWNIC is supported by an internationally renowned panel of reinsurers. Praised for its digital initiatives and the introduction of tech solutions into its workplace, AWNIC won the UAE Insurance Authority’s award for Digital Transformation and Smart Services in 2018 and 2019.