Car insurance is a mandatory requirement in the UAE, without it you cannot register your vehicle. There are however some things which can be kept in mind while buying new car insurance or renewing an existing policy.

Car insurance quotes comparison is the new ‘trend to stay’ in the UAE. Insurance shouldn’t be a hassle and you shouldn’t have to deal with middlemen out to fool you. Digital car insurance agents are communicating transparency by displaying a variety of insurance quotes from a variety of insurance providers. Today, you have the option to go digital and enjoy a smooth and convenient process. You can find cheap car insurance quotes online by customizing and selecting the policy that suits your budget best.

Finding the right policy

The first and most important step as a customer, would be to decide the right type of insurance cover for your vehicle – this would be to decide between Comprehensive & Third Party Motor Insurance.

Though Third-Party Insurance might seem to be a cheaper option there are numerous additional benefits included in Comprehensive Insurance.

Policy features

Third Party Insurance is the basic cover for your vehicle but there are a number of add-ons that can be included in your Comprehensive Insurance Policy – such as:

  • Accident and off-road recovery service
  • Personal injury cover for the driver and the passengers traveling along with you.
  • Geographical reach – Whether it’s UAE only or if there is Oman region coverage etc

The right kind of coverage and add-ons can help decide on the right policy of your needs.

Repair: Agency Vs Non-Agency:

The type of repair cover that is included with an insurance policy can be useful to determine where the vehicle needs to be taken in case of an accident. The two types of repair covers are Agency Cover and Non-Agency Cover. For Agency Repair, the vehicle will be repaired in the vehicle’s manufacturer or dealer.

For Non-Agency Repair, the repair is done at the approved garages of the insurance company. Agency car repairs are normally available 2-3 years from the manufacturing year of the car.

Understanding the price of your policy:

The price of the insurance policy is dependent on the :

1) Year, make and model of the car

2) Age of the License & Country of License

3) Claims history & the current value of the car

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