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Corporate Insurance

Do you have the right insurance cover for yourself ?

Building a business takes time, money & often involves taking on a considerable financial risk.A single incident involving a claim against the business could result in a huge financial loss if the proper safeguards are not in place or inadequate insurance coverage. Having the right insurance policy is key to managing your risks as a business owner.

The level of insurance coverage your business requires more often depends on the type of business you have, its assets its & employees but more importantly the risks that the business undertakes.

We are committed to providing our corporate clients with a comprehensive set of insurance solutions covering multiple sectors including Aviation, Marine, Energy, Construction, Transportation, Healthcare, Hospitality and much more. We have developed a suite of products that can be tailored to meet the needs of our corporate clients to provide reassurance across all sectors.

Discover our range of products

Fire & General Accident

Fire & Allied Perils

Any loss or damage to material and property causes in terms of loss of capital and other consequential losses

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Property All Risks

This insurance policy indemnifies the Insured for accidental physical loss of or damage to the property insured whilst situated at the premises described in the policy

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Group Personal Accident

Personal Accident Insurance is a benefit policy providing compensation in the event of an unfortunate event.

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Business Interruption

As a result of a loss due to the risk of fire and the damages it may cause, besides the business coming to a halt, there are certain standing charges

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Hotel Comprehensive

This is a package policy covering loss and/or damage to the hotel property, loss of revenue, third party liability arising from the operations, loss and/or damage to

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Money is exposed to mishaps such as .loss and damage like any other property and to protect against the risk of loss of money AWNIC offers insurance protection

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Fidelity Guarantee

Despite the best internal control measures in any corporate activity, mishaps like misappropriation and embezzlements by employees do take place.

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Bankers Blanket

Commercial Banks and Financial Institutions recognize the risks associated with their operations. The exposures are from within as well as external.

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Jewellers Block

This is a product specifically designed for the gold and jewel merchants OR jewelers whose trade is exposed to various perils despite sound security measures.

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Shop Keepers

This insurance is ideal for stationers, grocers, all kinds of shops and stores, super markets and departmental stores.

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Home Comprehensive

This insurance is ideal for homes (can we use homeowners and tenants?)

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Liability Workmen's Compensation

Workers in any organization are exposed to work related accidents and therefore well protected under the UAE Federal Law No.8 of 1980 & subsequent amendments thereto.

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Liability Employer's Liability

AWNIC offers Employer’s Liability Insurance as an extension under Workmen’s Compensation Insurance or as a standalone policy as per the requirements of customers

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Liability Public Liability

Boats can be insured for an agreed value amount or on an actual cash value (market value) basis. Engines are usually insured for replacement cost.

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Liability Medical Malpractice

Medical establishments such as hospitals, clinics medical centers, laboratories, pharmacies, etc., and professionals like, doctors, nurses and Para-medical staff

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Contractor's All Risks

Contractor’s All Risks Insurance [CAR]. The basic concept of this cover is to offer comprehensive and adequate protection against loss or damage in respect of the contract works

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Erection All Risks

Erection All Risks Insurance [EAR]. The basic concept of this cover is to offer comprehensive and adequate protection against all the site risks involved erection of machinery and plant

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Contractor's Plant And Machine

Contractor’s Plant & Machinery (CPM). It is designed to provide insurance protection and peace of mind for contractors, and the construction industry, against a range of risks.

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Machinery Breakdown

Machinery Breakdown [MBI]. It is designed to provide coverage for machinery against any unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damage necessitating its repair or replacement due to causes

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Machinery Loss of Profits

Machinery Breakdown [MBI]. It is designed to provide coverage for machinery against any unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damage

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Electronic Equipment

Electronic Equipment [EEI]. It is designed to provide coverage for protection against loss and damage from “all risks”, to specialized electronic equipment such as computers, x-ray machines, communication facilities, studio equipment

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Deterioration of Stock

This insurance provides for indemnity against physical loss or damage to stocks such as frozen meat, foods, and other chilled and frozen items of trade of the insured

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Boiler Insurance

Boiler Insurance, It is designed to provide coverage of indemnity for loss or damage to boilers resulting in explosion and collapse due to overpressure and failure of safety valves, faulty workmanship, defective materials and faulty design.

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Marine & Aviation

Marine Liabilities

Factors considered for fixing premium are based on annual gross receipts, limit per conveyance, policy aggregate limits & sub limits; carrier’s operating efficiency

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Hull & Machinery

AWNIC offers Hull & Machinery Insurance [ Time & Voyage].

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This insurance indemnifies aircraft operators, helicopters, gliders any gadget with wings against loss or damage.

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Oil & Energy

Offshore Construction Risks

Offshore Construction All Risks Insurance offers coverage for physical damage or loss to contract works and Third Party Liabilities under the following two sections.

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Onshore Construction Risks

AWNIC offers coverage for infrastructure projects such as oil, gas, power, petrochemicals etc.

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Operational Risks

This policy associated with gas plants, oil refineries, petrochemical facilities, fertilizer plants.

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Motor Fleet Insurance

Motor Fleet Insurance

AWNIC offers comprehensive, Third Party Liability, and Fire & Theft insurance coverage for fleets.

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