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3 Steps to Follow at the UAE Airports If You Lost Your Baggage

We all know how frustrating it can be waiting for your baggage after a long flight and realizing your baggage is lost. It can ruin your whole traveling experience. That is why insurance companies in Dubai offer the best travel insurance in the UAE. Having travel insurance in UAE  is a must if you want […]

4 Reasons You Should Get Your Visit Visa Insurance in the UAE

Are you in love with traveling? Have you ever been in a predicament while visiting a foreign country? Have you ever had or been offered insurance for traveling somewhere specifically? Insurance companies in Dubai offer insurance for visit visa UAE. Travel insurance is always great to have, and travel insurance in UAE will be of […]

Best Way to Protect Health of Your Pet in Dubai

Are you a pet owner in Dubai? Have you ever considered getting health insurance for your pet? Even though this might seem silly, for many people pets are a member of their family. When a member of your family gets sick and needs help you do everything to help them. Best way to protect the […]

How to Ensure Your Car Maintenance Is the Most Cost-effective in the UAE

Are you planning on buying a car, but you are wondering how much the maintenance would cost? Insurance companies in Dubai with the best car insurance in the UAE offer great features for car insurance to help you own one without any worries. Car insurance in Dubai will make your insurance specified for your needs, […]

If You Forgot Your Car Keys Inside the Vehicle, Here’s What to Do

Have you ever been in a hurry that has resulted in you forgetting your car keys inside of the car? We bet it is frustrating and it ruins your whole day. Any car trouble is an unnecessary inconvenience. Having car insurance in Dubai , searching for the best car insurance in the UAE can make […]

Al Wathba National Insurance Company (AWNIC) allocates AED1 Million of insurance premium discount to support the UAE healthcare workers as a gesture of thanks for combatting COVID-19

Al Wathba National Insurance Company (AWNIC) is offering medical sector employees a 50% discount in honour of their frontline work combatting COVID-19 The discount is available through AWNIC digital platforms, which eliminate the need for face-to-face interaction during a period of community-based social-distancing to mitigate the spread of the Coronavirus. Abu Dhabi, April 2020 – […]

AWNIC ‘s digital transformation a winner for both the Insurer and clients

Al Wathba Insurance Company (AWNIC) announces that its digital transformation strategy has resulted in a 10% increase in customers in its first year. Since 2018, AWNIC has focused on streamlining and digitizing all processes across the company, to future-proof the business and improve service for clients, who today demand increasingly faster, smarter services. The success […]

AWNIC became the first insurance company in the Middle East to transfer recovery files with other insurance companies through blockchain.

Abu Dhabi headquartered Al Wathba National Insurance Co(AWNIC) has announced the first move of its kind in the Middle East intransferring recovery files using blockchain technology.