The dimensions of export and import operations in Dubai leads to big volumes of marine insurance. With a massive amount of shipping and logistics clients, AWNIC is properly located to layout suitable, properly-worded guidelines for the hull, shipment or liability coverage. Insurance can be particularly for satisfaction craft, humans transportation vessels in addition to shipment delivery. This form of insurance generally calls for an extensive hazard evaluation, in order that the policy is designed efficiently and certainly.

Marine liability

  • Hauler’s Liability
  • Freight Forwarder’s Liability
  • Marina Operator’s Liability
  • Ship Repairers Liability
  • Stevedores / Charter’s Liability

Hull & machinery

  • Hull & Machinery Insurance [ Time & Voyage]
  • Protection & Indemnity Clauses -Hulls
  • Value of Hull for insurance is the market value which is to be agreed or assessed by an independent marine surveyor. The factors taken into account for premium rating of a Hull depend on the following information.
  • Type of Hull
  • Tonnage
  • Fleet or Singleton
  • Trade of the Vessel
  • Ownership / Management
  • Classification
  • Flag & Registry
  • Valuation of the Vessel
  • Past Loss History
  • Insurance Conditions offered

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