Organizational Announcement

Dear Valued Colleagues, Partners, and Friends of Al Wathba National Insurance Company

Al Wathba National Insurance Company (AWNIC) Announces the Appointment of Mr. Frederik Bisbjerg as our new Chief Executive Officer.

Abu Dhabi, 13th of November 2023 – I am pleased to introduce a significant development at Al Wathba National Insurance Company (AWNIC). We are delighted to announce the appointment of Mr. Frederik Bisbjerg as our new Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Bisbjerg will succeed Mr. Bassam Chilmeran, who, upon his retirement, will take on an advisory role to the Board.

Mr. Frederik Bisbjerg, a distinguished figure in the insurance sector, brings with him a wealth of experience, and a proven track record of exemplary leadership and expertise in digital transformation. His appointment perfectly aligns with AWNIC’s robust growth strategy, which was unanimously endorsed by the Board earlier this year.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we welcome Mr. Bisbjerg as our CEO. His achievements in evolving insurance companies resonate with AWNIC’s growth objectives. We look forward to his strategic guidance as we continue our journey toward excellence in the insurance industry. Mr. Bassam Chilmeran, who has adeptly led the company for over two decades, leaves an indelible mark, and his transition to an advisory role is a testament to his invaluable contributions.

Mr. Frederik Bisbjerg was born in Denmark in 1973, he is an internationally recognized business developer celebrated for his executive leadership, digital transformation prowess, and business model innovation. His approach emphasizes empowering individuals to enact change, resulting in numerous global business transformations.

Prior to joining AWNIC, Mr. Bisbjerg held significant roles such as Chief Transformation Officer at AXA Global Healthcare, leadership positions at The Digital Insurer, and senior positions at Daman National Health Insurance and Qatar Insurance Group. He has been based in the Middle East since 2013 and is a sought-after speaker and authority in business innovation and digital adoption. Notably, earlier in his career, he spearheaded global operations at SOS International, expanding its footprint in Asia and achieving substantial growth. Mr. Bisbjerg is also the author of “Insurance _Next,” a post-COVID-19 insurance transformation guide.

Al Wathba National Insurance Company has been recognized by the UAE Central Bank for excellence in digital transformation and smart services within the UAE. Furthermore, we are proud to have been given the silver award by the prestigious Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Awards for our unwavering pursuit of quality, operational excellence, digital transformation, and the delivery of exceptional customer service. With the appointment of Mr. Bisbjerg as our CEO, we reaffirm our commitment to elevating industry standards and becoming a trailblazer in the insurance sector. We aspire to set a precedent for others to follow, as our journey continues to exemplify the profound impact of digital innovation in the world of insurance.

As we embark on this exciting new chapter at AWNIC, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for your continued support and partnership.

Shk. Saif Bin Mohammed Bin Butti Al Hamed
Chairman of the Board