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How To Auction

Learn how to bid for Salvage Vehicles online:

The salvage bidding portal allows users to bid or buy Salvage Vehicles easily in the following steps:

1. Login/ Register

Registered user: Log in to and enter the necessary login details.

New User: To register, fill the registration form, read and accept the terms & conditions then submit the filled form. The administration will verify the user details and notify the login status via email.

2. Search and Explore

Search and explore Salvage Vehicles on the site by clicking the “Find A Vehicle” button on the home page

3. Inspect

Inspect the chosen vehicle by reviewing the condition report, photos, specifications and we recommend having a survey carried out to get a full understanding of the vehicle’s condition. Surveys should be arranged well in advance of the bidding or buying.

4. To Bid

Choose the vehicle and click the button “Participate in Live auction” / “Bid Now” and start bidding! The highest bidder at the end of the auction will be awarded as winner.

5. Bid Confirmation

The administrator reviews the details of the highest bidder and has the right to reject or accept the request. The final confirmation of vehicle allotment will be notified by email.

6. To Buy

Choose your favorite vehicle, click the button “BUY NOW” and submit the purchase request. After receiving the request, the administrator will review and contact the buyer accordingly.

7. Payment and Delivery

Make the full payment by any mode and collect a vehicle from the AWNIC site.

It’s that simple!