Should I Report Every Incident or Accident of My Car to My Insurance Company?

Whether a minor one or a major one, an accident is generally traumatic. That is why car insurance is there to offer protection right away and get you in the pre-accident state again. So, let us find the answer to the above question now by breaking the answer into two things: an incident and an accident.

An Incident

An incident refers to an event, irrespective of its severity or size, which at times gives rise to an accident claim and sometimes don’t give. There is another catch, an incident may involve a vehicle or may not. If there is minimum or no damage, people may not go for a claim.

An Accident

Accidents refer to events that take place because of unexpected mistakes or circumstances. They usually refer to collisions between two or more vehicles. Accidents are not only more serious but costlier as well as compared to incidents.

Now let us get back to answering the question. Whether an incident or an accident, it is good to report it to the Police at first. It ensures that the incident/accident gets on records, and you have documentation of what actually happened to avoid any serious implications or allegations. Once you report the incident or accident to the Police, your insurance provider also should be informed about it. You can then choose to not file a claim if you don’t feel that there is a need to do so.


Remember that not reporting an incident/ accident to the Police can have legal consequences and not informing it to the insurance company shortly can enable them to reject your claim or cancel your policy in some cases.

So ideally it would be better to pay excess than to have your policy rejected completely.

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