How to care for your car

Everyone purchases a car with hopes of it lasting for long in the household, but in order to make that a reality – we ask that you follow the below car care tips.

Never Overfill Tires:

Most people claim that overfilling tires would give your vehicle better gas mileage, however over-inflating car tires can be risky. This could wear down the tires easily and lead to a rough ride. It is important to fill your car tires only to the recommended pressure for comfort and safety.

Avoid Driving When Low-Oil Warning Light is Displayed:

Engine Oil plays an important role in keeping the engine running in a smooth manner. A low oil warning light indicates that there is an oil leak or that the oil pump is damaged. When you find the low-oil warning light in the display, it is important to turn off the engine immediately and park by the side of the road. It would also be advisable to call for road side assistance and have the car towed to a service center.

Never Use the Wrong Antifreeze or Coolant:

When you are buying an antifreeze or coolant for your car, it is important to choose the recommended brand for your vehicle. Using the correct antifreeze and coolant that has been prescribed in the car manual would give your vehicle higher performance. If you choose the wrong coolant it could lead to corrosion of the engine. This can also impair engine performance of your vehicle.

Avoid Driving with Low Fuel:

When you are looking to gain extra mileage, it is always important to keep the fuel tank above half. Running on low fuel could lead to costly repairs in the fuel pump.

Avoid Overheating Of The Vehicle:

It is common for your vehicle to get heated during a hot day or while you are stuck in traffic. However, ‘engine overheating’ is not a good sign as this increases the risk of damage to the cars’ internal parts. When your vehicle overheats, then it would be advisable to reduce your AC level and open your car window.

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