Things To Consider Or check Before You Buy A Car Insurance

Many car owners in the UAE buy their car insurance without giving it due thought. While it has become simpler and streamlined to buy car insurance, it’s sad to find that people buy general policies without reading the policy wordings. So, below is a list of things you should consider before you buy car insurance:

Off-Road Cover: If you like off-road adventures, ensure to take an add-on of off-road insurance cover. It will be worth the added expense. Ensure that you check out the limitations that are stated in the policy cover.

Depreciation: It is a known fact that the value of cars depreciates over time. You should also know that the insurance providers fix the car’s depreciation rate when they calculate its latest value. The depreciation percentage differs from one insurer to another. So, don’t forget to ask your insurer the percentage they use for calculating depreciation.

Deductible: It is up to you to choose a policy that has low, high or no deductible. A low premium of your insurance is due to increasing the deductible and vice-versa.

Quality of Repairs: Before you choose your car insurance, check which garages they cover and the quality of repair performed by those garages.
Documentation: Ensure to get every detail of the insurance policy in print. Never take the words of your insurance agent only. Without communication proof and proper documentation, you might not get the advantages you are paying for.

Delay in Filing a Claim: Though it is best to file a car insurance claim quickly, an unreasonable delay may happen at times and your claim may get rejected. So, ask the insurer- What is the time-period to report the vehicle damages?

Vehicle Modifications: Make sure to inform your insurer about any modification that you got under the policy period. Failing to do so, can lead to the cancellation of your policy or rejection of claims.

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