Tips To Avoid Car Insurance Scams

Insurance Fraud has been a major problem across most countries. A lot of people have fallen prey to fraudulent insurance agents. In fact, the fraudsters also strive to bring many innovative and unpredictable ideas when customers lack knowledge. Policyholders need to practice a safe and secure way of choosing the best insurance policy based on their needs.

The main objective of the article is to educate as well as spread awareness for car insurance policyholders in UAE. Below are some of the important tips that can help to avoid car insurance scams.

Ghost Broking:

Ghost Broking is a common scamming practice prevalent globally. A wide number of incidents have been taken place with Ghost Broking in the UAE. Consumers are required to be aware of the threats and are mainly required to be aware of this malicious practice.

Ghost broking agent motivates customers with deals that are less than the original deal available in the market. The main function of the Ghost Brokers is to fool the consumers by offering attractive deals and the customer ends up paying them and gets scammed.

Some of the things to avoid the same are :

Buying directly from the insurance company:

Every agent working for a reputed insurance company goes through extensive training to assist customers with the best insurance policies. Insurance companies understand that it is important to follow all the safety measures to safeguard the insurance policy, customer, and policy holder from any kind of fraudulent tactics and hence follow the best practices to ensure efficiency in the work process.

‘Saving Money on the Cheapest Deals’:

Insurance providers usually do not offer any seasonal or discounted offers – rates tend to be fixed and if not then it is of key importance to properly analyze the eligibility of the offer.

Online Channels to fill Up and Verify Details:

Reputed Insurance companies have their own independent digital channels spread across Website and Mobile Apps that provides complete transparency in terms of pricing and benefits. This enables customers to go through the appropriate policy and see the benefits associated with the policy.

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