Looking to buy a new car or change your car insurance policy? Here's our guide to help you thin down your search.....

01 January 2018     Read more

Buy insurance anytime day or night: Great for today's busy lifestyle, online insurance has the ease of being available at all hours of the day.Gone are the days when the only time you could purchase insurance was between 8AM to 4 PM – Sunday to Thursday...

15 January 2018     Read more

Have you started receiving reminders to renew your car insurance policy? Here is all you need to know about car insurance renewal in the UAE - The process, requirements, and most importantly - How to get the best deal for yourself...

01 February 2018     Read more

Here we are! The internet revolution is upon us, and everything from massive data, movie bookings, purchase of furniture and tips on exam are now available online. However, when it comes to something a tad more ‘serious’, like purchasing car insurance online, many people develop cold feet...

15 February 2018     Read more

Frustrate to find the best car insurance can be difficult enough, but when you have so many options to choose from in UAE...

10 March 2018     Read more

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