Consumers generally opt for Third Party Motor Insurance due to the fact that the pricing is on the lower side but the main difference between TPL & Comprehensive Insurance is that – with Comprehensive Insurance both your damages and the third party’s will be covered along with many additional benefits included.

Comprehensive Motor Insurance is suggested for customers with High Value Vehicles, New Vehicles, and Luxury Vehicles.

Below are the key benefits included in Comprehensive Motor Insurance Policies in the UAE:

Agency Repair

Agency Repair option is normally provided to new cars or those which are just 2 – 3 years old from the date of manufacturing. Since the repair is done in the original manufacturer’s workshop, customers can rest assured that genuine spare parts are used in their cars. Most Insurance Companies provide Comprehensive Insurance Policies to new cars and cars which are 2-3 years old. Customers can normally negotiate the tenure of agency repair if they possess Comprehensive Car Insurance.

Road Side Assistance

Road Side Assistance is the most resourceful benefit that is provided by Insurance Companies that includes mechanical repairs, vehicle towing, and support if the car gets stuck. Some of the other handy services that are included are Battery Boost (the vehicle is jumpstarted if it is stuck), Lockout Service (providing assistance to open the lock of the vehicle in case the insurer is locked out), etc. Customers can choose the appropriate option when they avail a Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy.

Replacement Car

Nowadays various UAE based Insurance Providers offer a replacement car while the existing car is being repaired.

Off-Road & GCC Coverage

Off-Road Adventures are a huge hit in the UAE and are commonly done during the Winter time. Basic Car Insurance does not provide coverage for these activities. In these cases, an Off-Road add-on provides them the flexibility to enjoy these activities.


There are tons of other benefits included in the Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy that includes:

  • Personal accident coverage for driver and passengers
  • Windscreen cover
  • Coverage against social and natural perils etc.

Conducting detailed research on the appropriate policy and the add-ons included can help avoid any unnecessary hassles and give more clarity on the right plan for you.

AWNIC has been providing Comprehensive Car Insurance Policies from 1996 and is well equipped to serve all your needs.

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