What Are The Penalties And Fines For Driving Without A Car Insurance in UAE?

Driving without valid car insurance is an extremely bad idea along with being illegal. Having car insurance has become necessary in most countries along with the UAE. You will have to face serious penalties if you drive without car insurance. And with the various online insurance services available online, you should not have any reason for driving without insurance.

The penalty to drive without a driving license is 500 Dirhams in the UAE, seizure of your vehicle for 7 days, and 4 black points to your license. This penalty is a general one that does not consider any wider or potential implications.

If you drive without car insurance and cause injuries to another person, you may face severe criminal charges. If an accident results in the death of another person, you will have to pay out blood money along with facing serious charges. The blood money is a 200,000 Dirhams penalty for death. That is why it is advised that you have car insurance mandatorily.

And if you damage another vehicle anywhere in the UAE, you may face a civil suit for the damages. For all minor accidents, while driving an uninsured car, you may face severe civil charges. You will have to pay for all the damages to your car and to the third-party from your pocket.

Thus, having car insurance can be of great help. So, do not delay if you don’t still have car insurance. Buy one today!

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