Third Party Motor Insurance is the basic Insurance requirement for all car owners in the UAE. Though they are affordable compared to Comprehensive Car Insurance and cover damages that your car has caused to a third party, it will not cover insurance for your car damages or for you personally.

In this type of insurance, the Insurer is the first party whereas the Insurance company is the second party. So, when the Third-Party whose property was harmed during an accident caused by the First Party, the insurance company will cover those losses.

While having said that, Third Party Insurance does have its own benefits. Below we have outlined some of the major benefits you will get while you opt for Third Party Car Insurance Dubai and other emirates in UAE have stringent policies when it comes to Car Insurance and complying with the same.


As compared to Comprehensive Insurance and various other types of vehicle Insurance plans, Third Party Insurance is much more affordable. Although it will provide you with limited benefits, you will be able to save a lot more with this sort of Insurance without breaking the law.

AWNIC has been pioneering itself as a leading Third Party Car Insurance Dubai providing the most prominent benefits at affordable rates.

Helpful in Legal Defense

If the accident is serious and you get stuck in any legal cases, the expenses and timeframes may be increased drastically. It is possible that you have to pay a lot more for your legal defense. When you have the right Third Party Insurance Policy with legal coverage, there is nothing to worry about at all.


Drivers in the UAE tend to avoid Third Party Motor Insurance Dubai due to its restrictions and limitations but it is a great alternative for those on tight budgets and those who are very safe drivers with no claims at all. Study the benefits and differences wisely then make up your final decision, we are always available to guide you along the way!

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