Do’s and Don’ts for Claim Process of Car Insurance in the UAE

The car insurance claim process in the UAE includes more than filling a form. It begins at the accident site and does not end until you get the payout. To make sure that you get the best possible payout, you need to collect all the information about what happened exactly, who was involved in the accident, and what injuries and damages were caused, and more.

So, below are the do’s and don’ts of filing a car insurance claim in the UAE:


Call the Police: This is the first and the most important step that you should take as the police report can be helpful while filing for an insurance claim.

Take Photos: If you are able to, you should take pictures of everything linked with the accident- the injuries, damages, and overall accident site.

Note Names and Numbers: Ensure to take a note of the names and contact numbers of people involved in that accident.

Inform the Insurance Company: You should report the accident as quickly as possible to your insurance company. The faster you inform, the better it will be. Ensure to include every necessary detail.

Be Honest: While narrating the scene to the police or the insurance agent, you should be honest.

Save All The Receipts: You should keep all the receipts of expenses safely until your claim is settled.


Don’t Drive Away or Run From the Scene: It is the main rule to follow in case of an accident as it can result in a rejected claim or land you in some legal issues.

Don’t Negotiate Yourself: You should never try to negotiate with the other involved drivers yourself. Keep that for your insurance provider.

Don’t Speculate or Lose Control: If is general to get aggressive or confess when in an accident. But that can lead to issues that you can regret later. Stick to the actual facts and never accept the blame or go into some kind of argument with the other driver.

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