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Looking for Corporate Insurance?

We cover a vast range of corporate insurance options, made perfectly for you.

Starting a business demands time, money, and significant financial risks. A single unexpected incident leading to a claim can lead to substantial financial loss without proper safeguards or adequate insurance coverage. As a business owner, managing these risks is crucial, and having the right insurance policy is key.

The level of insurance your business needs depends on its type, assets, employees, and, most importantly, the risks it faces. We understand the complexities of different businesses and are dedicated to offering comprehensive insurance solutions.

Whether you’re in Aviation, Marine, Energy, Construction, Transportation, Healthcare, Hospitality, or any other sector, we have tailored products to match your specific needs!

Comprehensive Coverage

Customized Products

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Why Us?

Al Wathba Insurance’s efficient claims processing system is designed to provide swift and hassle-free service. This efficiency, together with exclusive discounts and numerous touchpoints, guarantees a seamless and personalized customer experience.

The blend of tailored insurance solutions, significant savings, and exceptional customer service establishes Al Wathba Insurance as a distinguished choice in the insurance sector.

Furthermore, Al Wathba Insurance’s strategic alliances with a variety of business and commercial entities offer additional value to its customers. These partnerships enable clients to enjoy savings of up to AED 1,000 when they utilize the services of Al Wathba Insurance’s extensive network of partners.


Our Happy Clients

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Thank you .Am happy about the insurance service and I would like to say thank for the Garage for madina Al noor fixting my car nicely and quick.

Dirshaye Meles

Their insurance services are dependable, and they are extremely intelligent individuals who strive to provide the best possible service; I am happy.


Their insurance services are reliable and they are really smart people who believe to deliver the best services, I am satisfied.


I contacted their customer service department to learn more about the insurances they provide. They were really educated and accommodating, providing me with all of the information I required!


I called their customer service department to discover more about the insurances that this company offers. They were really knowledgeable and helpful, giving me all of the information I needed!


I wanted to learn more about the insurances that this organization offers, so I phoned their customer service department. They were extremely helpful and educated, providing me with all of the information I required!


I wanted to know more information regarding the insurances provided by this company so I contacted their customer service team. They were so helpful and knowledgeable as they provided me with all the information needed!


I’ve taken the travel insurance service which was extremely perfect and its price was so affordable! Moreover, the team was so professional and attentive!


I contacted them via e-mail because I needed them to help me regarding my UAE visit visa as I wanted to spend my vacation there. They finished the whole process within one week with less effort! Perfect experience.



Meet Our Partners

We are proud to collaborate with a wide range of esteemed partners through our Privilege Program. These partnerships enable us to extend exclusive benefits and remarkable experiences to our valued customers.

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Our user-friendly app empowers you to easily review policies, file claims, request quotes, and stay updated on important insurance information anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re on the go or in the comfort of your home, our app is designed to make your insurance experience hassle-free and efficient. 

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