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If You Forgot Your Car Keys Inside the Vehicle, Here’s What to Do

Have you ever been in a hurry that has resulted in you forgetting your car keys inside of the car?

We bet it is frustrating and it ruins your whole day. Any car trouble is an unnecessary inconvenience. Having car insurance in Dubai , searching for the best car insurance in the UAE can make your life a lot easier and stress free. 

There are many ways to help you get unlock your car, here we bring you a few options you should consider if you find yourself in this situation. 


  • Spare key

When you find yourself locked out of your vehicle, having a spare key somewhere can save you from a lot of headaches. With buying a car you should have gotten a spare key, which can help you out of the jam. Just phone someone who can access your spare key and you are out of trouble. 


  • Phone app  

Many cars these days have manufacturer’s phone apps. Most of them include remote unlocking and starting features. You might need a subscription for this one, but it can be very helpful. If you have one of these cars you should pair your car with the app and you are good to go. 


  • Try DiY

If your car doesn’t have a manufacturer’s phone app, there are a few diy things you can try to unlock your vehicle. You can try unlocking your car with a shoelace, make a loop in the middle of a shoelace and pull it through the door opening at the top and work your way down to the opening mechanism, hook the loop on the mechanism and pull up. This requires skills, but it is doable if nothing else works. You can also try clothes hanger, working it into a crack on the door on top inside to press the window unlocking and ultimately help you unlock the doors. 


  • Contact your insurance company 

Even though this might be your last option, it in fact should be your first. Best car insurance in UAE and insurance companies in Dubai offer many helpful features for your everyday car troubles. Car insurance in Dubai offers the best car insurance in the UAE which can make your life a lot easier and more stress free. Car insurance in Dubai offers a phone app which you can use on the go. With insurance companies in Dubai it is always handy to be up to date with insurance policies and features they offer. Phone apps have features you can use if you get yourself locked out of the car such as: emergency service, roadside assistance, help center, contact center all of which you can reach with a few clicks on your phone. These insurance features from the best car insurance in the UAE can help you get unlocked out of your vehicle in no time. 


Even though insurance companies in Dubai with their car insurance might seem expensive, they will ultimately be for your benefit and save you a lot of money. Choosing the best car insurance in the UAE will get you a safe ride. 


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